We help reformers get support and bring about changes

We help reformers get support and bring about changes

We help them craft communication that overcomes indifference. Because loud voices from our echo chamber don’t make changes.

We help reformers gain support and make changes

What we can do for you

Write your organization's communication strategy

Plan your organization’s communication strategy


Manage your campaign or communications

Design, manage, and monitor your campaigns


Upgrade your communication skills

Upgrade your communications skills


Set-up or strengthen your internal communication team

Build your communication teams


C4C for individual

Training and consulting for you

C4C for organization

Communication strategy, campaign, facilitation, and capacity building

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  • Campaign for Social Change

    Nonprofits live and breathe to make changes. The public campaign remains a powerful vehicle to bring about those changes, even more so in the days of social media proliferation.

    14-15 and 21-22 September 2022
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  • Crafting Stories of Change

    To succeed, your programs or organizations need supporters including donors, philanthropists, and impact investors. But these people need to be convinced that you can deliver impact.

    Reserve for TBA date 2021
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  • Think clearly, present better

    Effective presentations are not about sleek slide design or dramatic delivery. They begin from clear writing, and clear writing starts with clear thinking.

    Reserve for TBA date 2021
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  • Research to Impact
    Research to Impact

    Your research could make a huge difference in society, as long as it can be disseminated well. You will learn how to develop an explanation content, so that your research can reach a wide audience.

    15-16 June 2022
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What our partners said

I am very impressed with C4C help for the 3-days strategic planning facilitation. The process led by Mita is very fun yet fruitful. We can have big decisions in just only 3 days of meeting. I am proud to have C4C as our partner.

Ihsan Ali-Fauzi

Founder and Director of PUSAD Paramadina

Communication for Change did an excellent job teaching people how to make presentations that get results!

Anthea Webb

Country director WFP

A workshop that definitely needs more recognition and spotlight because I’m pretty sure everyone who has a passion, interest, and job in Behavior Change needs it.

Irfan Agia

Consumer lead insight, Linkaja

If you think you know everything about presentations, this training will make you reconsider. Since we apply the method from the training, we have significantly increased our conversion rate.

Ligwina Hananto

CEO QM Financial



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