Communication for Change helps change-makers become better persuaders

We combine rigor and creativity in communication to change behavior or policies.

We help your organization have
  • A strong nonprofit brand
    We identify what can be improved in your communication output and process so that your organization is more recognized, trusted, and able to open more doors or wallets.
  • Better communication capabilities
    Our training programs cover problem-solving, writing, presentations, telling stories with data, and public campaign. All can be customized to suit your organization's needs.
  • Solid understanding of your communication target
    We design and manage research to help you understand what keeps the people you want to influence from behaving the way you want them to.
  • Effective public campaigns
    We steal techniques and tools from marketing to help you spread ideas people will notice and get them to act. Useful if your goal is policy or behavior change or direct fundraising.
  • Influence in public debates
    You have done your research or collected your evidence. To support your policy advocacy work, we can spread your findings to influence and elevate public debates.
  • Inspiring stories of change
    Writing a story of change should not be like filling in a form. We apply fiction and screenwriting techniques to craft stories of change that help you get buy-in.
We upskill you in
  • Thinking systematically to solve problems
    Define a problem, break it down to generate hypotheses, gather and use data to test them, and draw a solid conclusion.
  • Writing and designing presentations
    Get the audience's perspective, use the classic story structure, apply the design principles to slides and data visualization, and prepare for resistance.
  • Design thinking for user-centered solutions
    Empathize with the users of your solution, define the design challenge, generate ideas, and build methods to validate them.
  • Telling stories and persuading with data
    Set the relevant context to land your analyses, identify the most valuable insight, apply the story structure to sequence your analysis, and visualize data to facilitate comprehension.
  • Crafting stories of change
    Understand the classic story structure and universal plots in fiction and screenplays, and apply them to create inspiring stories of change.
  • Designing audience research
    Formulate the research questions to address your program's objectives, and choose the methodology that answers the questions but also meets your budget and timeline.
  • Running and measuring public campaigns
    Define the campaign objective, plan the strategy, articulate the message creatively, make activity and media plans, and build a monitoring and evaluation plan.
  • Breaking through the echo chamber by using advertising
    Grasp the basic concepts of digital advertising, set the budget and make media plan, optimize the plan to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
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