We are Communication for Change, and this is our story.
Communication for Change (C4C for short) was founded by two Indonesian female advertising professionals, Paramita Mohamad and Misty Diansharira, a few days before 2015 ended.
Having worked for decades in advertising, we knew how to engage with people who initially did not care.

We wanted to apply our expertise to help people who, like us, want to make Indonesia suck less. We want to work with those who prevent reform from stagnating.
In our work, we never assume that people care as much about issues as the reformists advocating them. The onus is on us to make the hoi polloi feel they have a real stake in these issues.

Therefore, we believe that social change communication is less about educating or enlightening and more about captivating and persuading. We maintain that reaching out to those outside the echo chamber is paramount.

We also accept that people often are unwilling or unable to think rationally or deeply. Thus we believe that emotional appeal takes precedence over rational one in social change communication.
We combine rigor and creativity in our work. Data and behavioral science always inform our strategy work. And when it comes to messaging, we believe in the power of creative ideas to capture attention and evoke the right emotions.

I hope we do not bore you with our story. And if you think we are a good fit for your organization, please text us. Let's arrange a time for a short meeting so we can learn how we can help you.
Chat with us to arrange a virtual initial meeting.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Meet our team
If you want to email any of us directly, use firstname.lastname@communicationforchange.id
  • Paramita Mohamad
    CEO, Principal Consultant
  • Kedung Soejaya
    COO and Partner
  • Macan Wigit
  • Thasia Paulina
    Head of Operation and Finance
  • Nifadhilah Sofiassalam
    Project Manager
  • Karina Ovelia
    Project Associate
  • Hanna Meiliani
    Operation and Finance Officer