"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious."
Albert Einstein
Training programs for individuals and organizations

Open-for-public classes

Learn how to move people, and bring out the change you want to see at work or in your community.
Identify what your audience needs to hear or see. Write persuasive content. Select visuals that facilitate understanding. Prepare for resistance.
Have a customized in-house program for your organization
We can tailor our open-for-public classes to fit your specific needs. In addition, we have the following programs:
Thinking more clearly to solve problems
Methods to define a complex problem, break it down to generate hypotheses, collect and use data to test them, and draw a logically sound conclusion to solve it.
Problem solving with design thinking
Methods to empathize with the users of your solution, formulate the design challenge, generate ideas, and plan methods to validate them.
Writing proposals and partnership strategy
How to map out what your prospective partners seek, identify how you can add value to them, and express it by writing a compelling proposal.
Research to support communication
Different types of communication research based on the objective, the methodology, and the method to design research to support your program.
Using paid advertising to go beyond the echo chamber
Fundamental concepts in digital advertising for social campaigns, making and optimizing media plans and budget to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.