Think Clearly, Present Better
Identify what your audience needs to hear or see. Write persuasive content. Select visuals that facilitate understanding. Prepare for resistance.
When and where?
25-26 Juni 2024
Aloft, South Jakarta
Online class option available
Who is this for?
Professionals whose missions or career depend on how often they succeed in making the audience (clients, donors, policymakers, or bosses) agree with their recommendations.
What will you learn?
In two-day sessions (each from 9 am to 5 pm WIB), you will learn how to:

Day 1:
Preparing an impactful presentation with audience analysis
  1. Differentiate between situations that call for a presentation and a report
  2. Conduct audience analysis to prepare for a presentation
  3. Develop the thesis of your presentation

Using story structure for presentation: create the opening
  1. Explain why structuring a presentation like a story makes it more effective
  2. Apply the story structure to their presentation framework
  3. Develop presentation content for the first act: opening

Using story structure for presentation: support your persuasion and close it on a high note
  1. Develop presentation content for the second act: persuasion
  2. Develop presentation content for the third act: conclusion and call-to-action
  3. Develop a storyboard for the presentation

Day 2:
The basic design principle for presentation
  1. Differentiate between designing and decorating a presentation
  2. Demonstrate the use of basic design principles in their presentation slides and data visualization
  3. Pick the right photo to augment their presentation
  4. Identify the appropriate graph/diagram for the evidence/data
  5. Develop a slidedoc as the "souvenir" of the presentation.

Anticipating and preparing for resistance
  1. Explain why resistance happens and why we can prepare for it
  2. Select the most possible attacks against their ideas
  3. Craft the responses based on the provided guidelines.

Some of the concepts or tools you will learn about:
  • Three-act story structure
  • And-but-therefore opening structure
  • Pyramid of persuasion
  • CRAP design principle

And of course, a lot of practice! You will remake your previous or upcoming presentation. In the end, you will have a new presentation ready for your next talks or pitching.
How much is per seat?
Regular price:
IDR 3.670.000 (Offline class)
IDR 2.900.000 (Online class)

All prices include tax.
Discount is available for an organization that sends more than two persons.
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