Help Kompak to create a presentation to get buy-in from the Minister of National Development Planning
The client’s brief

KOMPAK was going to present a strategy and implementation design for the government to provide basic services to the poor and the vulnerable. The problem was the lack of a strong and compelling tool that KOMPAK could use for a 10-minute audience with the Minister of National Development Planning of the Republic of Indonesia.

Our insight

C4C was tasked to create a presentation to get buy-in from the Ministry that providing basic services of legal identity, health care and education was indeed one of the pillars in the effort to reduce poverty level in Indonesia.

Our approach

One of the effective ways to explain a subject to people who don’t know much about it is by packaging the explanation into a story-like format. This is because human brains are hardwired to process stories.

Based on our understanding thus far about the initiative itself and the objectives of this presentation, we believe a story-like format (rather than just a string of diagrams or charts) should be used.

This presentation should aim to enthuse the stakeholders from national, local, and regional government about this initiative and get their buy-in. We planned to achieve this by instilling a sense of higher purpose about this initiative to the audience. We reframed the initiative to improve the basic service as a fight to break the curse of (intergenerational) poverty.

The execution and the result

The desired response from the audience after listening to the explanation was , “I’d like to be involved in supporting Pedas initiative”, or at least “I wouldn’t get in the way of Pedas initiative”. Therefore, we designed the visual explanation about the pilot project for Pedas initiative will be driven by this main premise: “If you assist the pilot project for Pedas initiative, you participate in breaking the curse of poverty within your constituents.”

The client delivered the presentation and they did get the buy-in for the project.

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