Communicating data
Help people understand your data analysis and adopt your point of view. Our method is applicable for both presentations and infographics.
When and where?
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This is an in-person, two-workdays session.
Who is this for?
Directors or program managers in nonprofits, or social entrepreneurs who want to sustain or scale up their programs or organizations.
What will you learn?
To succeed, your programs or organizations need supporters including donors, philanthropists, and impact investors. But these people need to be convinced that you can deliver impact. Meanwhile, your programs or organizations are not yet in the position to share proper impact evaluation reports. You must resort to what are commonly known as “stories of change”.

Unfortunately many organizations often end up producing stories of change that fail to rekindle optimism and thus convince possible supporters. In this class, we will introduce a suite of tools that facilitate you to craft a powerful story of change in whatever format you need: written text, photo essays, and even videos. These tools are widely used in major movie studios and by great fiction writers from around the world.
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