Campaigns for social change
Develop the strategy, articulate the message creatively, and monitor the campaigns to change behavior and mobilize public action, or raise fund from individuals.
When and where?
28 - 29 November 2023
This is an in-person, two-workday session
Aloft, South Jakarta
Who is this for?
Program managers or communication specialists in nonprofits, whose programs aim to shift public opinions, influence public policies, or change behavior.
What will you learn?
In the two-workday session, you will learn how to:

Day 1
What a good campaign strategy looks like
  1. Differentiate between good and bad campaign strategies
  2. Translate your organization’s or program’s vision into the campaign objective
  3. Develop the theory of change for your campaign
Identifying the underlying cause and the right approach
By the end of this session, the participants will be able to apply a suitable or appropriate framework from behavioral science to identify obstacles (what stands in between) and choose the approach of the campaign strategy.

Day 2
Designing your campaign from creative ideas, activities planning, and evaluation
  1. Write a clear and concise creative brief
  2. Generate ideas for digital-social campaigns
  3. Develop a plan to monitor or evaluate a social campaign.

Some of the concepts or tools you will learn about:
  • Theory of change
  • Empathy map
  • “From/to” matrix
  • “Get-to-by” format for a campaign approach
  • Fogg’s behavior model or “the elephant and the rider”
  • COM-B behavior model
  • Moral foundation theory
  • Media needs framework

And of course, a lot of practices! You will be developing a campaign, from the strategy, creative direction, and activity and media plan.
How much is per seat?
Early bird rate (before 19 October): IDR 3.400.000
Regular price: IDR 3.670.000
All prices include tax.
Discount is available for an organization that sends more than two persons.
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