What needs to change

Jentera is founded and operated by Yayasan Pusat Studi Hukum dan Kebijakan, one of the leading think-tanks for legal reform in Indonesia.

Jentera started accepting undergraduate students in 2015. They have the country’s best law library and well-reputed faculty members, but they were unknown. Yet, students seek popular universities with big campuses and a vibrant social life. How could Jentera recruit the right students from the get go?

How we helped

We started from Jentera’s syllabus that focuses on critical thinking and legal reasoning.

The most important thing was to find the right future students: those who were already inclined to think that law was much more challenging than literal reading of legal articles.

We tried to provoke public debates about justice in social media. We made three short videos from real-life legal cases. In each video we featured the two sides of each story, then asked social media users to pick whose side they are on. Debaters were then encouraged to go to Jentera’s website. The message was, if you find the debates stimulating, you probably should study to be law practitioners who will continue legal reform in Indonesia.

The result

Jentera succeeded in enrolling the right type of students for their inaugural academic year.

This campaigned won Bronze for social media in Citra Pariwara 2016.