What needs to change

According to the law, a child’s birth certificate can only have complete data if his/her parents can show their marriage certificate.

Yet 55% couples living in poverty don’t have marriage certificates, because the office where they have to register their matrimonies (KUA) are too far from their villages.

Unsurprisingly, there are around 40 millions children who don’t have birth certificates. This makes it hard for them to get social benefits and pursue their education.

How we helped

Our client, AIPJ, empowered local government and CSOs to deliver integrated service, so parents could obtain all legal identities in one roof.

We helped them in both the supply and demand sides. On the supply side, we worked to discourage the service providers (court district, district office for religious affairs, and district civil registrar) from working in silos. Thus we rebranded the integrated service as Akta Untuk Semua.

we developed a toolkit that consists of a visual manual for service providers but from the perspective of the clients. This way, service providers could quickly learn what they needed to prepare for before, during, and after Akta Untuk Semua event.

We also prepared checklists, signposts, calling cards, brochures, so service providers could make the poor feel that the system worked for them, not against them.

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On the demand side, we wanted parents come to Akta Untuk Semua event because they wished to show their love to their children, not just to fulfill a bureaucratic obligation.

We built a toolkit so service providers can prepare a simple children’s corner inside the event, called Perayaan Sayang Anak. Parents could safely leave their children to play there, while they were undergoing the whole process.

The toolkit is designed to be inclusive for all level of abilities. The content of Perayaan Sayang Anak is also designed to prompt children to talk about birth certificates to their friends, so the latter can start asking their respective parents about it.

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