The challenge

KOMPAK is an Australia-Indonesia Government partnership founded in 2015 to support the Government of Indonesia in poverty reduction. KOMPAK aims to improve the chances of Indonesia’s poor to attain basic services and quality livelihoods.

KOMPAK is doing a lot of important work across Indonesia, with different level of government, different institutions, and various CSO. But because KOMPAK is a massive undertaking, sometimes it’s difficult to explain how exactly KOMPAK can help local government or CSO working in the trench.

Besides, KOMPAK has achieved key accomplishments in their second year. Beyond being documented in the form of “classic development report”, they wanted these achievements to be packaged in a more engaging and shareable format, so they could inspire others.

How we helped

We worked together with KOMPAK to formulate how they could talk introduce themselves in a more accessible, jargon-free manner. From that, we devised a framework, derived from the basic universal plots and classic story structure, to tell their stories of changes.

From the framework, we weaved their stories in videos, photo essays, and booklets.

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Photo taken by Suherina

KOMPAK : Legal Identity in North Lombok – The Race Against Invisibility

KOMPAK : Better Data for Better Lives – A Promising Start in Papua


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Booklets, Illustration and Infographic