Communication Strategists (Consultant or Associate Consultant)


The Job

In Communication for Change, we hire people not to be little assistants. We groom them to replace the founders, and in effect become equity partners.
For communication strategists, the starting position is Associate Consultant. Depending on the skill levels, the job title can be Consultant, Senior Consultant, Managing Partner, and eventually Principal Consultant.

The Task

The main role of a Consultant is to assist the Principal Consultant, initially in research and training, and gradually to develop communication products and campaigns with minimum supervisions.

The Associate Consultant and Consultant are also expected to apply the methods and tools of Communication for Changes to help clients prepare presentations or repackage their complex documents.

The Skills Required 

We don’t care about which schools you graduated from. What we care is what your skills are and whether your personality fits our work culture.

We have lists of skill levels for Consultants. Each list is ordered from the most basic (therefore essential and non-negotiable), up to the most difficult ones. The more capabilities we agree you have, the higher the remuneration, authority, and your job title will be.

For Associate Consultant (usually fresh graduates or with less than 2 years working experience) we require only up to point 3 in research, communication, strategy, and ideas/execution.


  1. Compile relevant online research without explicit or detailed guidance
  2. Identify significant research findings from diverse source and synthesize them in an actionable report
  3. Design and manage primary research (both qualitative and quantitative)
  4. Evaluate complex data and findings in terms of methodology and implications.

Communications (in both Indonesian and English):

  1. Write and speak clearly and intelligently when comfortable and prepared
  2. Craft a cogent and compelling argument in email, document, or conversation
  3. Write and speak clearly and intelligently about complex ideas and strategies
  4. Prepare and deliver a winning external presentation without assistance
  5. Persuade clients and colleagues to see the situation/world as he/she sees it
  6. Adapt his/her approach in real-time to ensure a winning outcome, regardless of the situation or dynamic

How to apply

Write as concisely as you can, with visual aids if necessary, so I am convinced that you want to join us (not just to get a job, any jobs) and that you master some if not all the required skills.

Don’t forget to mention the position you’re applying:
Consultant or Associate Consultant.
Send your application to:

If we are convinced, we will contact you to arrange an interview.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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