Vacancy (EN)

Training Officer

Job Brief

Training is an important source of revenue for Communication for Change. We have provided training programs for the public and in-house for organizations since 2016. Both can be delivered online and offline. The topics of our training programs revolve around effective communications to make changes happen. Our clients for in-house training consist of nonprofit organizations, government institutions, startups, and established companies.
We are looking for a Training Officer to support our training services. In this role, you must have strong attention to detail, be able to juggle tasks, and work under tight deadlines. You should also be a quick problem-solver and a clear communicator.


The main role of the Training Officer is to plan, execute, and evaluate our training sessions. The responsibilities are detailed below:
  • Act as a point-of-contact for participants to handle inquiries and provide technical support before and during training sessions
  • Maintain training database (e.g. trainee data, training schedules, and evaluation records)
  • Organize offline classes, independently or together with in-house clients
  • Prepare all software tools (including but not limited to Google Classroom, Mural, Zoom) and ensure they’re properly set up
  • Prepare and lead the technical briefing sessions with online participamnts
  • Resolve technical issues during training and workshops
  • Analyze participants’ evaluation survey results and write reports
  • Research case studies to use during training sessions
  • Update training slides and materials
  • Recommend improvements or new programs.


  • Excellent communication skills in Indonesian (written and oral)
  • Proficient in English business conversations and correspondence
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Quick learner: you will need to adapt to many new apps as quickly as possible
  • Resourceful problem solver: you will also need to quickly resolve technical issues as they arise
  • Knowledge of administrative and bookkeeping procedures
  • Proficient in Google Workspace (Docs, Sheet, Slide). Knowledge in database management, Learning Management Systems (LMS), and basic design knowledge is a plus.
  • We prioritize relevant experience rather than educational background. Those who have 1+ year experience in training and customer/client relation is a plus.


The monthly salary will be in the range of Rp 6,500,000 to Rp 8,000,000 after-tax (but you have to pay your part for BPJS Ketenagakerjaan). We provide good health insurance.

Behavior and skills we value from our employees

In Communication for Change, people are rewarded and promoted when they:
  • Consistently refuse to do mediocre jobs: we hate jobs that are done for the sake of completing them or meeting the minimum requirements. We want team members who put serious effort into their work and tie in their professional pride with the quality of their output. We don’t hire those who miss deadlines, cut corners, are easily satisfied with their own results, or give up easily.
  • Are respectful to others: we respect others’ time. We are punctual and come to meetings prepared. We respect others’ presence. We listen to others to really understand them. We put away our phones so we can pay full attention to them. Lastly, we don’t believe brilliant jerks exist: nobody can be so brilliant she or he can get away with treating others rudely.
  • Make things happen, not wait for things to happen: we promote people who take initiatives and act in advance of a future event. We don’t want colleagues who always need to be asked to do something. We anticipate and prevent, instead of reacting and fixing. We are somewhat impatient and don’t tolerate unsettled or unexplained details.
  • Are intellectually hungry and humble: we never stop learning about topics that are related to work and ones that give us personal satisfaction. We publicly admit when we don’t know and deliver on the promise that we’ll find out as soon as possible.

Work conditions

We operate in full remote mode from Day 1, way before COVID-19. This is ideal for people who hate commuting, love working in their pajamas, and don’t mind having less social time with their colleagues.
Communication for Change is founded by minorities and does not discriminate against any employee or job applicant because of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or age.

How to apply

Please send your resume that includes relevant past experiences and referees (no longer than 3 pages) and a cover letter. Also, do not reveal your year of birth, religion, and gender on your CV. Write as concisely as you can, as we want to see your communication skills.
Don’t forget to mention the position you’re applying:
Training Executive
Send your application to:
If we are convinced, we will contact you to arrange an interview.
Looking forward to hearing from you.