A meticulous quick learner as a finance and operation officer

We at the Communication for Change (C4C) are looking for a Finance Officer to take charge of the financial health of our company by administering accounting operations to meet legal requirements. 

The company

We are a communication consultancy firm serving people and organizations who want to make Indonesia suck less. We help them get buy-in and make changes in how people behave or how policies are written. We do it through compelling communication based on rigorous evidence-based thinking. We combine the art and craft of advertising and marketing with the current finding from behavior science. 

Communication for Change does not discriminate against any employee or job applicant because of gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, and disability.

The position

Our ideal candidate demonstrates interest in managing accounting activities, including bank reconciliations, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. You should also have excellent organizational skills and be able to handle time-sensitive tasks. In our company, the  career path for this position is to be Finance Manager, Head of Operations, and eventually Chief Operation Officer. 


We already have our finance manual and we use an online bookkeeping app. We expect the Finance Officer to do the following:

  1. Keep accurate records for all daily transactions
  2. Process invoices
  3. Track bank deposits and payments
  4. Record accounts payable and accounts receivable
  5. Reconcile bank statements (monthly task)
  6. Work with Head of Operations  to do project-based finance budgeting and reporting
  7. Work with Head of Operations  to prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports
  8. With Head of Operations to participate in financial audits

Expected qualities and requirements

We expect the Finance Officer to possess the following qualities

  • Understand the basics of bookkeeping and accounting for service-based small businesses
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Strong ethics, with the ability to manage confidential data
  • Knowledge of financial regulations and taxations and have willingness to learn about it 
  • Experience using financial software and have willingness to learn about it 
  • Professional qualifications or previous experience as a Finance or Administration Officer both is considered a plus

We don’t care about which schools you graduated from. What we care about is what your skills are and whether your personality fits our work culture. We are open for fresh graduates or anyone with vocational certificate with less than 2 years working experience.


The monthly salary will be in the range of IDR 6,000.000 to 6.500.000 after-tax (but you have to pay your part for BPJS Ketenagakerjaan). We provide good health insurance and allowance for self-development.

Behavior and skills we value from our employees

In Communication for Change, people are rewarded and promoted when they:

  • Consistently refuse to do mediocre jobs: we want team members who put serious effort into their work and tie in their professional pride with the quality of their output. We hire those who want to disprove the myths of unprofessional Indonesians.
  • Are respectful to others: we respect others’ time. We are punctual and come to meetings prepared. In meetings, including virtual ones, we don’t multitask so we can pay full attention and listen carefully to others. Lastly, we don’t believe brilliant jerks exist: nobody can be so brilliant she or he can get away with treating others rudely.
  • Make things happen, not wait for things to happen: we promote people who take initiatives. We anticipate and prevent, instead of reacting and fixing. We are impatient with loose ends.
  • Are intellectually hungry and humble: we never stop learning about topics that are related to work and ones that give us personal satisfaction. We publicly admit when we don’t know and deliver on the promise that we’ll find out as soon as possible.

Work conditions

This is a remote position. We operate in full remote mode from Day 1, way before COVID-19. This is ideal for people who hate commuting, love working in their pajamas, and don’t mind having less social time with their colleagues. Although it provides some degree of flexibility, you cannot treat it as a part-time job in addition to your main responsibility, including homemaking or caregiving.

How to apply

  • Please send your application to
  • Please attach your previous works to convince us you have the right experience and skills
  • Explain why you think C4C is the right place for you and why you are the best candidate for us
  • Please do not reveal your year of birth, religion, and gender on your CV
  • Make sure you list down people who can vouch for your achievements.

We will only contact those we are interested in. Good luck, and look forward to receiving your applications.


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