Communication Strategists (Consultant or Associate Consultant)

The company

Communication for Change (C4C) is a social enterprise that combines rigor and creativity in public interest communication. We work with those who want to make Indonesia suck less, so they will gain support and make changes,

We work in the following areas: institutional communications (the nonprofit version of corporate communications), communications supporting policy advocacy, public campaigns, fundraising, and capacity building (training and building communication capability in nonprofits).

We never hire people to be our little assistants. We groom them so one day they will replace their bosses and eventually the founders, and in effect become equity partners.

We don’t care about which schools you graduated from. What we care about is what you can bring to help us achieve our mission.

Communication for Change is founded by minorities and does not discriminate against any employee or job applicant because of gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, and disability.

The objectives

For communication strategists, the starting position is Associate Consultant. Depending on the skill levels, the job title can be Consultant, Senior Consultant, Managing Partner, and eventually Principal Consultant.

The objectives of the roles of Associate Consultant or Consultant are:

  1. To support the work of the Principal Consultant in providing consulting services, in terms of content, client relations, and project management
  2. To support the work of the Principal Consultant in capacity building services.

The responsibilities

  1. Conduct research (both Associate Consultant and Consultant must be able to perform 1A and 1B with minimum supervision from the Principal Consultant)
    1. Desk research to find secondary data about the issue or the audience, evidence in behavioral science, or best practices from public interest communication
    2. Analytics of digital media for monitoring and evaluation
    3. Primary audience research (qualitative and quantitative).
  2. Co-write communication strategies and reports (for institutional communication, communication supporting advocacy, and public campaign) with the Principal Consultant.
  3. Develop the content, design the visuals, and deliver presentations; Consultant must be able to perform this with limited supervision from the Principal Consultant.
  4. Manage professional relationships with clients and vendors or partners.
  5. Workshop facilitation: Associate Consultant will assist the Principal Consultant, while Consultant should do it with limited supervision from the Principal Consultant.
  6. Collaborate with our creative or media partners: co-write creative or media briefs, deliver creative or media briefing, give feedback; Consultants must be able to perform them with limited supervision from the Principal Consultant.
  7. Teach classes and grade participants’ work in our courses.
  8. Give input to the Principal Consultant in all aspects of the business, including unsolicited ones.

Expected qualities and requirements

Since communication in C4C always combines rigor and creativity, we expect the same qualities from our Associate Consultants or Consultants. We know that it’s rare to expect someone who is equally strong in both; but to thrive in C4C, everyone must possess strong analytical and writing skills.

  1. Highly skilled in written communications in both English and Indonesian
    1. Read in advanced English (for example, articles in scientific journals, or The Economist, The New Yorker, The New York Review of Books, The Atlantic) and comprehend the content accurately
    2. Write well in both English and Indonesian: well-argued theses worth paying attention to, constructions that flow logically, efficient paragraphs, strong sentences with minimum jargon (C4C has specific styles to write reports, presentations, proposals, even emails).
  2. Highly skilled in analytical thinking: ask good questions, observe, identify patterns, generate hypotheses and their counterfactuals, methods to test the hypotheses, draw interim conclusions. We want people who apply the fundamentals of the scientific method in day-to-day work.
  3. Sufficient numerical reasoning skills; those who understand statistics for social science will have an advantage.
  4. High level of self-discipline: break down their work into progressive stages, structure their days into realistic schedules they can stick to, resolve loose ends, meet all milestones or deadlines, anticipate obstructions to plans. We ensure all of our team members are 100% accountable, so they can have 100% autonomy.
  5. Appreciation toward creativity and aesthetics in both art and pop culture. We don’t seek people who produce them, but who find joy in seeing or experiencing them and respect their power in communication.
  6. Calm and confident communicators
    1. Speak clearly and intelligently about complex ideas and strategies
    2. Persuade clients and colleagues to see the situation as they see it
    3. Adapt their approach in real-time to ensure a winning outcome, regardless of the situation or dynamic.

Behavior and skills we value from our employees

In Communication for Change, people who are rewarded and promoted are those who

  • Consistently refuse to do mediocre jobs: we want team members who put serious effort into their work and tie in their professional pride with the quality of their output. We hire those who want to disprove the myths of unprofessional Indonesians.
  • Are respectful to others: we respect others’ time. We are punctual and come to meetings prepared. In meetings, including virtual ones, we don’t multitask so we can pay full attention and listen carefully to others. Lastly, we don’t believe brilliant jerks exist: nobody can be so brilliant she or he can get away with treating others rudely.
  • Make things happen, not wait for things to happen: we promote people who take initiative who anticipate and prevent, instead of reacting and fixing. 
  • Are intellectually hungry and humble: we never stop learning about topics that are related to work and ones that give us personal satisfaction. We publicly admit when we don’t know and deliver on the promise that we’ll find out as soon as possible.

Work conditions

  • We operate in full remote mode from Day 1, way before COVID-19 (this article closely describes what’s our result-only work environment like)
  • We provide allowance to use workspace for people who need them
  • We open our financial data to everyone in the team, and this includes each other’s salary
  • Our structure is flat with almost no hierarchy, as our company is small; this may make us unsuitable for those who seek to climb up the corporate ladder or collect progressively more important-sounding job titles.

Remuneration and other benefits

  • The monthly salary for an Associate Consultant ranges from Rp 7.500.000 to Rp 10.000,000. The monthly salary for a Consultant ranges from Rp 12.500.000 to Rp 18.000.000. All numbers are after-tax (but you have to pay your part for BPJS Ketenagakerjaan). 
  • We provide good health insurance for in-patient and out-patient care that in most cases extend to family members. 
  • You have a training allowance with the freedom to choose the programs you want to enroll in. 
  • There are no limitations on annual leaves. We will treat C4C team members as adults who can take care of themselves and not let their teammates down.
  • There is a track to become equity partners for employees who consistently perform, deliver business results,  and stick around with us after certain years.

How to apply

Write as concisely as you can, with visual aids if necessary, so I am convinced that you want to join us (not just to get a job, any jobs) and that you master some if not all the required skills.

Don’t forget to mention the position you’re applying for:
Consultant or Associate Consultant.
Send your application to:

If we are convinced, we will contact you to give you our standard assignment. If we find your assignment meets our expectations, we will then arrange an interview. And that’s it: no more steps afterward.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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