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“Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”
— Ruth Bader Ginsburg
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Deliver a high-stake presentation

You may have to present your evidence-based policy recommendation. Or to convince stakeholders that the design of your program is solid. Perhaps you want to pitch new ideas to solve an old problem.

We have a time-tested method to ensure your presentation can change your audience’s point of view. We will help you write the content, design the slides, prepare your handouts (yes, they should be different from your slideshow), and, if needed, coach your delivery.

Change opinions or behavior through a campaign

The success of your intervention is probably measured by how far it can change the behavior of certain groups. Or perhaps the opinions of the majority must change first before the problem you’re tackling can be solved.

We steal the techniques and arts from marketing and advertising and adopt them for the non-profit sectors. And we are always updated with advances in behavioral science.

We can write the campaign strategy, and it’s evaluation plan, co-develop the communication ideas with you and your stakeholders, manage the campaign executions, and monitor the progress.

Design interventions using a fresh perspective

You agree that doing the same things over and over again but expecting different results is insane. Yet you feel that you have been doing exactly that in your programs. Or you suspect your interventions are not sustainable: the beneficiaries will stop using your solutions after your program ends.

If you are looking for a method centered around the users of the solutions (and not the designers), we can facilitate a tailor-made program-design sprint for your organizations. We will be using the design-thinking and service-design methodologies that become the go-to framework of today’s social innovators.

Improve your organization’s external communications team

If you believe your organization should not communicate just to announce events, or if you feel there must be better ways to disseminate your publications beyond public seminars, you are in the right place.

We believe that pro-reform organizations must play a part in improving the quality of public debates about policies and polity. Pro-reform organizations must entice the public’s imagination about what’s possible for Indonesia. And this is why external communications matter and this covers media relations and social media operations.

We can help you to upskill your communication team. We can develop protocols and tools to make them work more efficiently and efficiently. We will start with a thorough audit and follow it up with coaching, training, or redesigning your communication team.

Rethink the organization’s strategic plan or sustainability

The world and Indonesia have been changing so fast, and your organization should adapt to survive or thrive. Or maybe you are getting more concerned about the sustainability of your organization. And maybe you are ready to see new approaches in strategic planning for your organizations, especially the ones derived from the business or startup world.

We can facilitate a tailor-made strategic planning workshop for your organization. We will start with understanding your organization’s situations and formulate the key questions you must resolve together. On top of that, we will use the mission-model canvas during the facilitation, as the organization’s sustainability is inherently addressed in this framework.

Compose stories about changes your organization has affected

You may realize that having convincing stories of change is helpful to support your organization’s fundraising efforts, not just to fulfill your donor’s requests. You may also believe that the more these stories can engage their audience, the bigger your organization’s payoff. We agree.

We can help develop these stories in various formats: written texts, visual stories, or videos. We will employ the timeless techniques of storytelling to captivate your audience and reignite their optimism.

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